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What is Tongue Scraping? Why You Should Do It!

What is Tongue Scraping?
Tongue scraping is an ancient practice of literally scraping the tongue with a special tongue scraping tool or spoon. It helps to clean the tongue in a number of ways and has been proven to be much more affective than brushing your tongue with your toothbrush.

Benefits of Tongue Scraping
– cleanses the tongue by removing bacteria
– reduces bad breath
– removes dead skin cells from the tongue
– increases the sense of taste
– stimulates internal organs, certain points of the tongue correlate to different areas of the body

How to Tongue Scrape
Using a tongue scraper or a flipped over spoon…
– scrape the tongue from back to front
– gently stroke 7-14 times
– if need be, rinse the tool off between strokes
– if you experience a gag reflux, start the stroking a bit more forward
– tongue scrape daily, either before or after brushing your teeth
– always rinse your tool and mouth following tongue scraping

Be Observant
– make note of how your tongue looks on a daily basis
– if your tongue has a thick coat on it, this is a sign of toxicity
– use these observations to make healthier choices each day

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