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What is Sugar Really Doing to Your Body?: Series 1 of 3

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Sugar, in its many forms, does not hold a place in our bodies. White refined or table sugar, is a chemical that comes from a plant source and can cause detrimental effects to our organs and systems. Sugars is more readily available than ever before, as it is used in canned foods, processed foods, and baked goods, to name a few. Being aware of what these sugars are doing to our bodies and seeking out healthy alternative can make a dramatic difference for our health.

What Sugar Does to Our Bodies

1. Creates Liver Stress Similar to the Effects of Alcohol- The fructose that cannot be utilized by the liver (which is most or all) turns into fat and can eventually lead to liver issues.

2. Increases Bad Cholesterol & Triglycerides- This can increase your risk of heart issues, increase blood pressure, increase blood sugar, and add unwanted fat (especially in the waist).

3. Creates Leptin (a hormone) resistance- Leptin is an appetite suppressor. It is responsible for telling the brain when an individual is full. If there is not enough leptin in the body, hunger will not shut off, and we will continue to eat. This can lead to weight gain, sleep problems, cravings, and more.

4. Triggers an Addictive Response to the Brain- The brain will continue to tell the body it wants more sugar.

5. Increase Uric Acid in the Body- Uric acid is a waste product produced during the break down of substances found in certain foods. Most uric acid dissolves in the blood. The remainder passes to the kidneys where it is excreted as urine. Too much uric acid can increase your risk of heart and kidney problems.

6. Creates to Urge to Eat More- Sugar will not fill a person up so they are left hungry with the urge to eat more.

7. No Nutritional Benefits- Sugar contains no nutrients, no proteins, no healthy fats, and no enzymes. In fact, it actually pulls minerals from the body during digestion!

Types of Sugar:

Fructose- a simple sugar found in different foods *AVOID, WORST TYPE OF SUGAR, TRANSFERS INTO FAT

Glucose (Dextrose)- a simple sugar found in different foods *AVOID IF COMBINED WITH FRUCTOSE, OKAY IN ITS PURE FORM

White Refined Sugar (table sugar)- contains a combination of glucose & fructose *AVOID

Corn Syrup (& High Fructose Corn Syrup)- contains fructose & glucose *AVOID

Honey- 53% fructose, is completely natural in its raw form *EAT ONLY MANUKA HONEY OR RAW HONEY, EAT IN MODERATION AS IT STILL CONTAINS FRUCTOSE

Agave Nectar- is usually processed and it contains 80% fructose *AVOID

Stevia- natural sweetener from the leaf of the stevia plant *SAFE TO USE

Luo Han (or Monk Fruit)- natural sweetener from a fruit, although fruit contains fructose, the fructose is balanced by other properties such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes *SAFE TO USE

Others- maple syrup, coconut sugar, cane sugar, brown rice syrup, sucanat, beet sugar, molasses…all contain high levels of fructose *AVOID

Using this information we can stop the negative effects that sugar has on our bodies. To find out if your liver is experiencing stress from sugar consumption or if it has created stress in other organs and systems, contact Balanced Health at 612-812-9121.