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What is Grounding?


For some people, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a new pair of shoes.  Whether it’s a comfortable pair of flats for around the house, sneakers for workouts, or dress shoes for a formal occasion, all of these modes of footwear have something in common – they may be keeping you from practicing a wellness technique from the ancient world: Grounding 

No one is suggesting that we all forego shoes entirely.  Constant footwear keeps our feet safe, comfortable, and healthy -but perhaps to our detriment.

Since the 1940’s, shoes have been increasingly designed with the stresses and contours of our feet in mind.  Yet, since that time, knee arthritis has doubled in frequency.

But why?  Shouldn’t better shoes mean better foot support and joint health?

The surprising answer seems to be ‘no,’ for a very simple reason: humans weren’t designed for shoes.  We were designed to walk on our bare feet – to literally GROUND ourselves.

What is Grounding?

Grounding, also called Earthing, is the simple practice of connecting to the bare earth, whether by walking, swimming in a natural body of water, or using special Grounding pads.

For today’s purposes, we’ll be discussing having a Grounding walk, though most of what is said can be applied to the otherWhat is Grounding Grounding practices.  A Grounding walk is exactly what it sounds like – a walk with your bare feet on bare earth!

It sounds simple, but there’s actually quite a bit of science behind it.

Electricity helps comprise our ‘living matrix,’ the connecting energy around our cells.  By Grounding and reconnecting with the earth, we may be able to bolster our body’s defenses.  Fatigue, pain, sleep disturbances, and even depression and anxiety are all imbalances grounding may help with!

What are the Benefits of Grounding?

As alluded to previously, Grounding touches many areas of human health in a beneficial way.  Some of the positive benefits include:

1. Improved Posture – Shoes are designed to reduce the impact of walking on our feet, not to allow the tiny muscles of the foot to stretch, strengthen, and grow.  Grounding allows this process to occur, which in turn improves your posture – you’re literally more ‘on your feet’ than you were before!

2. Reduced Joint Pain – With an improvement in posture comes improvement in back and shoulder pain, as well as joints like your knees and hips.  Standing on your bare feet puts your whole body into alignment in a way standing with shoes doesn’t.  With proper alignment, you’ll be putting less stress on your joints, reducing pain and improving endurance when exercising.

3. Better Sleep – Here’s the benefit that I’m sure most of us appreciate!  There is a correlation between walking barefoot and having a restful night’s sleep.  As the perfect example, think about days spent at the beach.  Most people report better-than-average sleep after a beach day, and walking barefoot might be a key reason why!

4. Reduction in Anxiety & Depression – Studies have shown that as little as one hour of grounding a day has a measurable effect on levels of anxiety and depression a person suffers from.  There may be multiple reasons for this benefit.  As we discussed, Grounding puts you into connection with electrical energy from the earth, which in turn improves your living matrix.  This may result in benefits to your mental health, such as reduced anxiety.

Also, by Grounding, you’ll be spending time outside, in nature, and (hopefully, depending on where you are) fresh air.  Research proves that spending more time outside results in a direct reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms.  The next time you’re feeling blue or overwhelmed, try a Grounding walk and feel the stress melt away!

5. Inflammatory Benefits – Walking in direct contact with the Earth’s surface allows for a free flow of electrons into your body.  These electrons in turn act as natural antioxidants, which have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body.

Essentially, the more you practice Grounding, the more electrons you allow in, the more antioxidants are produced, and the more you feel a reduction in inflammation.  All that, just from taking a walk without shoes!

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