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The Many Benefits of Avocados

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Avocados were once seen as being an unhealthy fruit. Why? Avocados contain fat. However, the fat that avocados contain are actually an extremely healthy fat, and a fat that our bodies need. This misunderstanding kept individuals away from this delicious and nutritious fruit. Now avocados are making a come back. Here’s why…

What is in an Avocado?
Avocados are packed full of nutrients and contain the following…
– Vitamins: K, C, B6, Pantothenic Acid, Folate, E
– Minerals: magnesium, potassium, iron, copper
– Healthy Fat: monounsaturated fat
– Fiber
– Protein
– Antioxidants

Many Benefits of Avocados
1. Healthy Heart- the monounsaturated fat found in avocados help balance the lipids found in the blood
2. Healthy Skin & Hair- skin is more vibrant & hair is shinier when you eat avocados or apply them topically
3. Healthy Eyes- avocados contain the antioxidant lutein which keep eyes healthy
4. Weight Loss- avocados are very filling, giving us the desire to eat less
5. Improve Digestion- avocados contain fiber for better digestion, and help improve the gut lining
6. Prevent Diabetes- avocados help keep insulin and glucose levels in check
7. Balance Hormones- healthy fats help regulate hormones, resulting in better moods
8. Improve Cognitive Function- healthy fats help keep the nervous system functioning

Different Ways to Use Avocados
Avocados can be great eaten as is! But here are a few other ways to enjoy this wonderful fruit…
1. Put it on a Salad
2. Make it into Guacamole
3. Put it on a Sandwich
4. Add it to a Smoothie
5. Use it in Desserts such as chocolate pudding or chocolate mousse!

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