My experience with Sprout Nourishment and Balanced Health has been nothing short of amazing!  I was so pleased with their knowledge and willingness to help with all of my crazy questions!  The practitioners helped me with so much and were there for me along the way!  I came to Jaci with some pretty awful stomach issues.  I was in pain in my entire abdomen after eating, coupled with bloating that made me look 6 months pregnant, every time!  I could not locate the problem – even after going to the doctor and having ultrasounds.  There was never a solution.  They provided me with the Scan and the answers I had been looking for!  We discovered that my body is sensitive to grains, corn starch, and vinegar.  Who knew?!?  I talked with the practitioner and we came up with a game plan and herbal remedy for me to balance my body.  Just like that…my stomach pain started to slowly ease and all of a sudden I realized that I hadn’t had any pain in weeks!  I was absolutely thrilled and seriously cannot express my gratitude and thanks towards Sprout Nourishment and Balanced Health.  I now am confident in creating a meal plan and cooking for ME and MY BODY!!  I would recommend Balanced Health and Sprout Nourishment to anyone struggling in any form with their nutrition!  I actually do, and I have had several close friends change their lives with me!!  As a Personal Trainer – I recommend this to all my clients as well!