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25 Natural Remedies & Supplements to Keep in Your Cabinet

Natural Remedies

With so many different natural remedies out there, and with so many different uses that each one has, it can be challenging (and stressful) figuring out which are the best to have on hand. Once you have a solid base of natural remedies in your home, you can then begin to build from there. Basic […]

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Another Tick-Borne Microbe? The Bourbon Virus

The Bourbon Virus, believed to be tick-borne, recently took the life of a Missouri women. To date, the virus have been discovered in Southeast Kansas, Central Oklahoma, and eastern Missouri. However, this does not mean that ticks carrying this virus are secluded to these areas. Not much is known about this mysterious virus as only […]

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New Tick-Borne Disease? Powassan Virus

What is Powassan Virus? Powassan Virus was first discovered in 1958 in Powassan, Ontario. In the US we are becoming more aware of it’s presence as more individuals are being diagnosed. Powassan Virus can be contracted from the bite of a deer tick (also known as the blacklegged tick). Signs of Powassan Virus Some individuals […]