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Summer Sun Survival


Summer is a joyous season but it also brings skin concerns, bugs, and at times, too much heat. What can you do to keep your body safe and healthy?

Sunscreen: Many sunscreens have been linked to serious health issues such as severe skin toxicity and issues with the reproductive system. Always check the ingredients on the back of a bottle of sunscreen.
Ingredients to Avoid:
– oxybenzone- can get into the body’s bloodstream and act as excess estrogen
– octinoxate- interfers with the endocrine system and may cause reproductive issues
– octocrylene- known to cause skin reactions as it absorbs into the body
– retinyl palmitate or retinol- has been known to speed the development of skin tumors
Safe Ingredients:
– zinc oxide or titanium oxide
– shea butter and coconut oil have a slight, natural SPF

Bug Repellent: Most bug repellents are loaded with DEET, which is a pesticide. DEET has been known to cause neurological, kidney, and liver damage as well as birth and developmental defects.
– Find a natural bug repellent that uses essential oils.
– Make your own natural bug repellent:
Ingredients needed:
– essential oils: lemongrass, citronella, lavender, and/or eucalyptus work well
– carrier oil: jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or witch hazel work well
What to do:
1. Pour 2 tbsp of a carrier oil into an empty spray bottle.
2. Add 20 drops of essential oils to the carrier oil.
examples: 15 drops of lemongrass & 5 drops of citronella
or 15 drops of lavender & 5 drops of eucalyptus.
3. Cover the spray bottle and shake to mix.
4. Spray on or rub on as needed.
If interested in purchasing essential oils, Balanced Health & PetMedella provide many of these oils.

Too Much Sun: Too much sun and heat can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Here are some things to do to avoid these situations:
– Wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothing- this will allow the body’s temperature to stay regulated and not overheat.
– Hydrate with water- this helps the body to sweat (which is a good thing) and helps to maintain your normal body temperature.
– Take it easy during the hottest part of the day- don’t overexert yourself, especially if you are not acclimated to the heat.