Rebalance Package

$74.95 / month for 12 months

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The Rebalance Package consists of nine scans—three Full Scans and six Remedy Scans.  Together, they are designed to give highly discounted testing throughout a year.  This Subscription saves you $387.60 per year and gives you 10% off all remedies throughout the duration of the subscription.  This Subscription is best for those with chronic concerns. 

3 Full Scans: The full scan is our most comprehensive option available. The scanning we do provides a wide range of insights, including levels of bioenergetic stress within your system performance, nutritional and hormonal imbalances, general categories of resonating toxins, food and environmental sensitivities, and a balancing regimen.

6 Remedy Scans: The remedy scan helps take the guesswork out of choosing remedies by examining exactly what remedies best balance with your hair and saliva. This may consist of herbs, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements.  The benefit of this scan is to keep costs down in between full scans and continue on a balancing regimen.

To order your Rebalance Package click “Purchase Package” and all labeled kits will be sent at the start of your subscription. With each test kit you will send your hair and saliva in for testing.  The samples are then analyzed by our technicians, and a detailed report based on our findings is sent to you within roughly 3 weeks of us receiving your samples.

For quick answers about the process check out our FAQ page for commonly asked questions.

Your subscription will end automatically after 12 months. Cancellation of your subscription may be made at anytime. There is no cancellation fee, however, if you do not complete the entire subscription you signed up for you will be required to pay full retail price of any services you have received. The monthly payments made will be deducted from this total. Lost or misplaced kits can be replaced from Balanced Health for $15.00/kit.  If you choose to cancel your subscription please call 612-812-9121. All unused kits must be returned in new condition prior to cancellation.

*Subscription packages are for individual use only.