PH Stabilizer


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pH Stabilizer is for the temporary relief of symptoms of acidemia, acidosis or tendency toward acidic systemic condition.

Ingredients: Vitamin C (12.8 mg) Pantothenic Acid (2.9 mg) Glycine (6.5 mg) L-Lysine HCL (4.5 mg) GABA (3.25 mg) Proprietary blend (0.46 ml) Dandelion (Root) Ginger (Root) Kelp (Whole Plant) Parsley (Leaf) Pau D’Arco (Bark) Alfalfa (Leaf) Flax (Seed) Gelsemium (root) Juniper (Fruit) Mullein (Leaf) Nutmeg (Seed) Papaya (Leaf) Yucca (Root) Yucca spp Clove (Bud) Raspberry (Fruit) Demineralized water Ethanol (20%)
Sodium Ascorbate Calcium D-Pantothenate