Neuro Tox


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  • Standard Dose:  25 drops two times per day, 20 minutes away from food and mint
  • Under 120 lb Dose:  Divide weight by 5 and that is how many drops two times per day, 20 minutes away from food and mint

Traditionally Supports:  Chemical Sciatic Problems, Viral / Heavy Metal Removal Off Nerves, Viral issues, Neurological issues, and Behavioral issues.
Ingredients:  Adrenal 6X, Agaricus Muscarius 12X, ATP 5X, Coccus Cacti 12X, Conium Maculatum 12X, Cranial Nerves Sarcodes 3CH, 6CH, Gelsemium Sempervirens 30X, 60X, 100X, Gliotoxin 12X, Insecticide Isodes 30X, 60X, 200X, Kidney 3X, 6X, Latrodectus Mactans 30X, Limbic Sarcode 3X, 6X, Mesenchyme 6X, 9X, 6CH, Metal Isodes 30X, 60X, 100X, Naja Tripudians 15X, 30X, Phosphorus 12X, 30X, Rhus Toxicodendron 12X, 30X, Tarentula Cubensis 30X, Triticum Repens 3X, Ubiquinone 6X, 12X, 30X, Viral Nosodes 30X, 60X, 200X, Distilled water, Kosher glycerine from palm/or coconut oil 12%, Organic cane alcohol 20%
(2 oz)