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This combination of phenolics is indicated for relief of sensitivities due to sensitivity responses. The phenolics in this remedy include: acetaldehyde, acetylcholine chloride, apiol, ascorbic acid, aspartame, BHT, caffeic acid, candida albicans, chloragenic acid, cinnamic acid, coniferyl alcohol, coumarin, L-Dopa, dopamine, estrogen, GABA, gallic acid, histimine, indole, malvin, manna, melatonin, menadione, norephinephrine, octopamine, phenylalanine, phenyliscothiocyanate, phloridzin, piperine, progesterone, pyrrole, quercetin, rutin, salsolinol, serotonin, taurine, testosterone, tryptophan, all in 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c, 30c potencies.

(1 oz)