Lymph Drainage


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Homeopathic Indications: Lymph Drainage is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to drainage of the lymph, such as fatigue and loss of energy.

Ingredients: Citrus Limonum (1X) Echinacea (1X) Scrophularia Nodosa (1X) Teucrium Scorodonia (1X) Baptisia Tinctoria (1X 3X) Pinus Sylvestris (3X) Zincum Gluconicum (3X) Thuja Occidentalis (4X) Capsicum annuum (6X) Copper Gluconate (6X) Manganese Gluconate (6X) Aranea Diadema (8X) Arsenicum Iodatum (8X) Carpinus Betulus, Flos (8X)
Centaurium Umbellatum, Flos (8X) Larix Decidua, Flos (8X) Lymph Node (8X) Phytolacca Decandra (8X) Spleen (8X) Thymus (8X) tabacum (9X) Lachesis Mutus (12X)