Liver Clear


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This herbal combination has been used to open channels of elimination and for gentle detoxification and support. It contains Herbal Celandine, Barberry, Blue Flag, Bupleurum, Burdock, Culver’s Root, Fringetree, Picorrhiza, and Wahoo.

Celandine (aerial parts) [Chelidonium Majus], Barberry (root) [Berberis Vulgaris], Blue Flag (root) [Iris Versicolor], Bupleurum (root) [Bupleurum Chinense], Burdock (root) [Arctium Lappa], Culver’s Root (root) [Veronicastrum Virginicum], Fringe Tree (root bark) [Chionanthus Virginicus], Picrorhiza (root) [Picrorhiza Kurrooa], Wahoo (bark) [Euonymus Atropurpurea],Purified water, 50% ethanol.

(2 oz)