Kidney Drainage


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Homeopathic Indications: Kidney Drainage is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to kidney drainage, such as fatigue.

Ingredients: Solidago (1X) Asparagus (2X) Juniperus Com (2X) Sabal (2X) UVA-URSI (2X) Berger Vulg (3X) Equisetum Arv (3X) Urtica Di (3X) Rubia (6X) Staphysag (6X) Cantharis (8X) Cobaltum Met (8X) Fagus Syl, Flos (8X) Glandula suprarenalis suis (8X) Hepar Sulph Calc (8X) Kidney (8X) Larix, Flos (8X) Mang Met (8X) MIMULUS GUTTATUS, FLOS (8X) Nitricum Ac (8X) Silicea (8X) Rhus Arom (8X) Ulex Euro, Flos (8X) Benzoicum Ac (12X)