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Our Emotions Can Affect Our Organ Health

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Do you ever feel that your emotional wellbeing is affecting your health? Well, you may be right! While emotions are influenced by our feelings, they do affect our physical wellbeing. In fact, according to Traditional Chinese medicine, certain emotions actually affect specific organs or areas of our bodies. Below you will find the seven categories of emotions along with their affects.

Joy (overexcited with joy)
Organs Affected: heart
What to Look For: agitation, insomnia, fever, heart palpitations

Anger (resentment, frustration, irritability, rage)
Organs Affected: liver, gallbladder
What to Look For: depleted energy, headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure

Anxiety (excessive worry)
Organs Affected: lungs, large intestine, stomach
What to Look for: lack of energy, shortness of breath, digestive issues

Grief (sadness, need to cry)
Organs Affected: lungs
What to Look For: lack of energy, loss of purpose in life, can lead to respiratory issues

Pensiveness (excessive thinking)
Organs Affected: spleen, digestive organs
What to Look For: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, gas bloating

Organs Affected: kidneys, bladder
What to Look For: involuntary urination, water retention

Fright (shock, panic)
Organs Affected: heart, kidney
What to Look for: heart palpitations, involuntary urination

By understanding the specific health issues you may be dealing with, stop and ask yourself if you are currently struggling with an emotion that could be tied to that specific organ and creating more physical stress in your life. Your emotional health is just as important to work through as your physical health!

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