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New Tick-Borne Disease? Powassan Virus

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What is Powassan Virus?
Powassan Virus was first discovered in 1958 in Powassan, Ontario. In the US we are becoming more aware of it’s presence as more individuals are being diagnosed. Powassan Virus can be contracted from the bite of a deer tick (also known as the blacklegged tick).

Signs of Powassan Virus
Some individuals with the Powassan Virus will show no signs of the disease, others mild signs, while still others more severe. Here are the most common signs that an individual may suffer from Powassan Virus:
– fever
– headaches
– vomiting
– weakness
– seizures
– swelling of the brain
– swelling of the membranes surrounding the brain & spinal cord
– memory issues (long term exposure)

How to Reduce Your Risk
– Avoid areas where ticks live such as woods, brushy areas, & tall grasses
– Especially avoid these areas during high tick season (for the upper midwest, April through July & late September through early November)
– Use insect repellent
– Wear light colored clothing so ticks that may be on you are easier to find
– Keep lawns mowed
– Remove leaves & brush from your yard (these are good places for ticks to hide)

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