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25 Natural Remedies & Supplements to Keep in Your Cabinet

Natural Remedies

With so many different natural remedies out there, and with so many different uses that each one has, it can be challenging (and stressful) figuring out which are the best to have on hand. Once you have a solid base of natural remedies in your home, you can then begin to build from there. Basic remedies to have in your home include herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and items you may already have in your fridge or on your countertop. Here is a basic list of remedies to have on hand. And remember, you can always build upon this list.

Essential Oils
tea tree: antimicrobial, ear infections, influenza, immune support, inflammation
frankincense: coughs, immune support, inflammation, antimicrobial
lavender: anxiety, stress, gas, inflammation, insomnia, mood swings, bruises
peppermint: headaches, fatigue, fainting, influenza, nausea

arnica: bruises, fractures, bleeding, back pain
oscillococcinum: influenza, headaches, body aches, chills, fever
chamomilla: colic, ear infections, insomnia, cramps, teething
belladonna: motion sickness, nausea, vomiting
sabadilla: common cold, fever, sore throat, sneezing

garlic: fights illness, circulatory support, heavy metal cleanser
oregano oil: antimicrobial, urinary irritations
elderberry syrup: fights viruses, influenza, sore throats
echinacea: immune support, fights compromising microbes
olive leaf: antimicrobial, circulatory support

Nutritional Supplements
fish oil: brain health, cardiovascular health, inflammation, mood
vitamin C: fights illnesses, adrenal support, liver flushing
vitamin D3: immune support, aches and pains
zinc: immune support, fights illnesses, hormone balancer
probiotic: digestive health, immune support, inflammation, skin health

lemon: immune support, heart health, skin health, cleansing
aloe vera: sunburns, skin health, digestive health, immune support
apple cider vinegar: blood sugar, skin health, cholesterol, acid reflux, digestive health, fights fungus
Manuka honey: wounds, burns, skin issues, acid reflux
colloidal silver: antimicrobial
bone broth: immune support, digestive health, joint health, skin health
activated charcoal: gas, bloating, digestive cleanse, whitens teeth
epsom salt: cleansing, reduce stress, inflammation