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Improving ADHD Naturally!

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The number of individuals experiencing ADHD continues to increase in our culture. A person may experience ADHD due to genetics and/or environmental factors, including diet. ADHD Is both a neurological and behavioral condition. It can be a frustrating condition for the individual as well as those in his/her life.

Possible Signs of ADHD

– easily distracted
– challenged with organization
– difficulty concentrating
– mood swings
– very high energy
– difficulty listening
– lack of focus
– squirmy or fidgety
– impulsive
– impatient
– easily bored

Improve ADHD By Avoiding the Following Foods
– sugars (especially refined)
– artificial sweeteners
– food dyes
– food additives
– preservatives
– caffeine
– soy
– any specific food sensitivities

Supplements For Improving ADHD
1. Fish Oil- supports the brain & reduces inflammation
2. B-Complex- helps create serotonin
3. Minerals (especially zinc, magnesium, calcium)- nerve relaxers
4. Probiotic- improves gut health (which can be connected to ADHD)
5. GABA (amino acid)- calming
**If on medication, always speak with your doctor prior to adding in supplements.

Foods to Include in Your Diet to Help Improve ADHD
– salmon – avocados
– sardines – lemons
– free-range meats – sauerkraut
– eggs – kimchi
– nuts & seeds – broccoli
– legumes – apple cider vinegar
– dark, leafy veggies – kombucha

To find out if you have food sensitivities or any nutritional imbalances, contact Balanced Health at 612-812-9121 or email us at and asked about our hair and saliva scan.