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Does Your Baby Have Colic? What to Do

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What is Colic?
Colic is when a 0-3 month old infant experiences abdominal pain. They will express this pain through intense crying, clenching of the fists, drawing their knees up to their abdomen, or arching their back while crying. It is a painful experience for both baby and parents.

1. food sensitivities
2. spasms of the colon
3. anxiety from the parent that a baby can pick up on

What to Do:
– try an elimination diet
~the most common food sensitivities are: dairy, gluten, caffeine, spicy foods, peanuts, corn, beans, & cruciferous veggies
~if this does not help, do a sensitivity scan through Balanced Health to see which foods may be the culprit
– if possible, breastfeed over using formula
~if unable to breastfeed, opt for formulas that are goat’s milk or coconut based, & avoid formulas containing soy, chemicals, or artificial ingredients
– for mom, steam or cook vegetables that you consume, this will help create less gas for your baby

Remedies to Help Ease Colic:
1. Fennel- herbal tincture or tea- given to infant for digestive discomfort
2. Probiotic for Infants- repopulates good bacteria into the gut
3. For mom, digestive enzymes- helps reduce food sensitivities if breastfeeding
4. Bodywork for Baby:
– Massage- gentle massage on stomach and back (can be done at home)
– Chiropractic Care- alleviates pressure in the spine that could be contributing to colic
– Craniosacral Therapy- gentle massaging and touching of the bones around the skull to alleviate pressure
5. Essential Oils- fennel or ginger rubbed on abdomen, along with a carrier oil like coconut oil

Does you baby suffer from colic? For more information or to purchase a sensitivity scan, contact Balanced Health at 612-812-9121 or email us at