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What Is Our “Business In A Box” ?

Balanced Health Bundle

When we write our blog posts at Balanced Health, we think about our audience.  We think about you, tireless health and wellness professionals, seeking knowledge about root causes, helping clients find balance, and growing (or starting!) your own wellness business with Business In A Box.  

Ordinarily, in our posts, you’ll find a wealth of information about countless health topics, but rarely does a post explain how to turn a wealth of information into, well, just plain wealth.  

And that’s where we would like to take you today – into the world of business and wealth, not for Balanced Health, but for YOU. 

We at Balanced Health would like to introduce you to a new bundle package: our Business in a Box!

What is the Business in a Box bundle?

Put simply, our Business in a Box bundle is a one-stop-shop value that gives you all of the tools and know-how to start your own health and wellness business! 

Don’t second guess yourself – be CONFIDENT in your abilities.  Be SURE in your knowledge.  START your own business today!

What Comes in the Business in a Box bundle?

Our bundle is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!  In this business starter kit, you’ll receive:

1. Admission to our Bioenergetic Certification Course – a cutting-edge, comprehensive course on all things Bioenergetic.  You’ll build and expand on your foundational knowledge of topics such as…

  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Tick-borne Illnesses
  • Mold Toxicity
  • Food & Environmental Sensitivities
  • Bacteria & Viruses
  • Remedies
  • Bioenergetic Testing
  • And More!

I can hear you asking yourself, What does ‘And More,’ mean? 

And that’s the meat-and-potatoes of your business training!  Receive an education in marketing your wellness business by leaders in the industry.  Improve your business acumen with courses designed to take you from an amateur entrepreneur to seasoned professional. 

2. TWO Consults – Ever felt lost or confused when trying something new?  Those are exactly the reasons that people give up on amazing opportunities!  With our Business in a Box package, you’re not alone!  You’ll receive 2 consultations from qualified professionals in the following areas:

  • 1 Health and Wellness Consultation: How can you incorporate best practices into your work with clients?  Are you applying the knowledge from the Bioenergetic Certification Course?  How can we improve your existing skill set?
  • 1 Business Consultation: What can we do to grow your business?  What can we do to market it?  To attract clients?  To increase your WEALTH

3. THREE Full Scans – It’s not easy starting a business with no products to offer.  With our Business in a Box bundle, you’ll start right out of the gate with our most comprehensive scans!  Start serving clients IMMEDIATELY with the scans they need to bring their health back into balance.


How can “Business in a Box” Grow My Existing Business?

Business in a box

That’s an excellent question!  And one with an exciting answer: the Business in a Box bundle is perfect for an existing practice as well. 

Gain an EDUCATION in Bioenergetic Testing, a new testing service you’ll be able to offer your clients. 

Get HELP propelling your existing business to the next level with our consults. 

GAIN products – our THREE Full Scans – that you can implement as soon as your Bioenergetic training is complete! 


Even If you have a health and wellness business already, it’s a no-brainer: get the Business in a Box bundle today!

Take advantage of our bundle sale between NOW and 10/10/2022 by simply enrolling in our course, and you’ll receive ALL THREE components:

  1. Admission into our Bioenergetic Certification Course
  2. TWO one-on-one consultations to help your practice thrive
  3. THREE Full Bioenergetic Scans!

All for ONLY $2399, a savings of almost $600!

We can’t wait to see you inside!